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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Every message is unique, just as each and every client is unique. Working with Brockstarr Multimedia means we will take the time to work directly with you to set goals and achieve them. You will not be treated like a cookie cutter client.

Campaign Selection

Norrowing down then "when" and the "why" are general the first, and most challenging steps in creating an email marketing campaign. We can guide you in timelines and methods of promotion that are create just for your success. Contact us today to learn more!

Template Design

With a length background in the standards and practices of HTML emails, we can assist you in creating templates for your most used campigns. Sites like and are great ways to market via email. We can help you with all forms of template designs!

Tracking and Analytics

Sometimes it can be pretty easy to come up with a new marketing plan to sell your new product or service, and sometimes it can be pain-stakingly difficult. However, one thing that most companies overlook is what it takes to track this either easy or pain-stakingly difficult objective. We have the knowledge to guide you in not only launching a marketing campaign, but also in analyzing the data you get back from campaign. Using things like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and various other methods, we can help you determine how to make ever campaign a hit.

What are you waiting for? Your new project is a dream waiting to become reality!

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