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Susan E. Thomas CPA

The firm of Susan E Thomas, CPA, Ltd., is similar to the clients they serve. Established in the Columbus and Central Ohio area and focused on a strong set of core values, they maintain a confident and comfortable environment while moving forward in a complex and ever-changing world.

Service Provided:

Web Development

Our Goal

User-friendly experience to showcase services and connect

We at Brockstarr Multimedia understand the importance of reaching your customers at home and on-the-go. That's why our websites are created with HTML5 and dynamic CSS3 to make sure your message in shown exactly how you want it, no matter what device your customer is viewing it on.

Implement Drupal for easy updates and customizations

In effort to make your new website as easy to use as possible, we utilize what are known as "Content Management Systems" or CMS for short. These allow you, our client, to login and manage the data that is on their website without having to continually pay for development and consulting.

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