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Ring of Combat

Ring of Combat is a mixed martial arts organization based out of New Jersey and ran by kickboxing legend Lou Neglia

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Web Development

Our Goal

Creating a user-friendly method of communicating directly to consumer(s)

If you have on-going information to communicate to your customers, having a good organizational structure makes all the difference. Using content management systems the admin can keep on site data up-to-date, and with superior usability, Brockstarr Multimedia will make sure you message always hits the mark.

Creating custom elements to display your unique data

Ring of Combat is a mixed martial arts organization that has a roster of athletes, list of events, and each event has matchups that utilize the roster of athletes. We at Brockstarr Multimedia are able to create admin interfaces that will allow admins to make complex data management / display methods to make sure that you can communicate all your data efficiently to your customer.

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